Top 3 Amenities Luxury Buyers Want In 2021

The impact of 2020’s safer-at-home confinements continues to influence today’s luxury buyers. There is a strong desire to make our homes a safer, more comfortable, and more functional place to be when we are there.

safer-at-home confinements.jpg

The top three amenities for 2021 reflect the need for practical, quality-of-life upgrades. As home buyers have discovered, the South Florida luxury market is poised to meet and exceed expectations.

Larger, more functional outdoor spaces

Larger, more functional outdoor spaces.jpg

Whether buyers are searching for a single-family home or condo, they want to be able to enjoy the fresh air at all times. The appeal of outdoor spaces with amenities like pools, summer kitchens, and outdoor dining rooms to use year-round cannot be overstated.

Dedicated spaces for working & workouts

Dedicated spaces for working & workouts.jpg

In condo buildings, there is a shift to repurpose large open spaces and lounge areas into a series of smaller individual workspaces and private gym spaces. In single-family homes, families want the freedom to workout, work at jobs, and learn at school without feeling like each is on top of the other. Enough rooms  or spaces that can be repurposed into private nooks are highly-desired.

Touchless & wellness technology

Top 3 amenities luxury buyers want in 2021.jpg

Buyers recognize the importance of high-tech and touchless systems that minimize in-person contact. Whether it helps you enter a home, turns tech on and off, or provides high-level air-filtration, these are the features buyers notice and see as a value-add.

We connect you to these desired amenities

South Florida Luxury Advisors is a team of seasoned professionals who value client relations, quality service, and responsible representation. Here in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, you’ll find a welcoming and warm place to live and luxury properties that meet your high standards.

Whether you seek a permanent change or a second home retreat, we can match you with the South Florida property of your dreams.

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