South Florida Home Maintenance Matters

You may notice certain characteristics of South Florida residences that aren’t present in homes in other areas of the U.S. That’s because of our southeastern climate. When you are house hunting here, make sure you pay attention to, and ask questions about, these home features:

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Lush, Tropical Landscaping

The right plants for the heat: Our South Florida climate presents unique challenges for landscapers. They need to account for the intense sunlight, heat, humidity, and rainstorms when choosing what to include in yards and gardens. The grasses, flowers, trees, and shrubs on your property need to withstand and thrive in all of these conditions. Look carefully at and ask questions about the greenery in a listing. Know more about how to maintain it, and what benefits, like shading and privacy, it provides.

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Storm Solutions

Impact Doors & Windows and Hurricane Shutters: We live in an area where we are serious about protecting our homes from damaging winds and flying debris. Commonly on the news, you’ll see people boarding up their windows with plywood ahead of a tropical storm or hurricane.

However, homes that come with built-in protection, such as impact windows and doors and hurricane shutters, are a much better option. Impact windows and doors have shatter-resistant glass that’s securely fastened to a heavy-duty frame. The glass consists of two layers. If the outer layer breaks, the shattered pieces will adhere to a PVB film insert, not fall to the ground. Even after sustaining a direct hit from a large object, the glass may crack but will not expose your home to wind and water.

 Hurricane or storm shutters are an effective way to guard your windows. They are made from a variety of materials, can be a temporary or permanent fixture on your home, and come in a variety of styles. A listing that includes these features is highly desirable because they provide peace-of-mind in the event of a natural disaster.

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Roof Materials

A choice that saves energy: Here in South Florida, winters are pleasant and summers are just plain hot. The heat can wreak havoc on your home’s annual cooling costs. One way to help reduce costs is to have a white, reflective roof. It absorbs less heat by reflecting away many of the sun’s rays. Other roofing materials offer a variety of benefits. Clay tile withstands the heat and is resistant to rot, insects, and other pests. Concrete tile is low-maintenance, very durable, and also resistant to rot, insects, and mold. It is much lighter than clay tile while providing the same appearance. A listing and its pictures will indicate what kind of roofing materials are on a home. It’s also important to know the age of a home’s roof.

Ready to make a move? Let’s talk today.

We understand that a family move means meeting unique needs. We know that what makes a house a home is an emotional connection. We appreciate this part of the home search and will be here to answer any of your questions about homeownership and maintenance in South Florida.

Let’s start a conversation today. We look forward to connecting with you.

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