Help Your Clients Buy A Seasonal Retreat

Do you have clients that love fall, but also dread that winter is just a few short months away?

We can’t blame them!

We know first hand that Boston winters are wicked HARSH.

Beautifully warm South Florida has always attracted those who see themselves as “maybe someday” snowbirds.

With mortgage interest rates at historic lows, they shouldn’t wait much longer to decide, “This is our year!” It’s time to close in on that seasonal rental or second home.

We are still offering 25% of our commission for the referring agent whose contact becomes our buyer.

Now is the best time for us to partner together to get your referral into the spacious home of their dreams.


Did we mention winter is coming?

We know we don’t have to remind you. Boston at the end of October brings to mind beautiful fall foliage, unhurried trips through farmers’ markets, and squeezing in a few more weekends of golf. But for those who have already been cooped up staying safer at home, the thought of spending even more time indoors to escape the snow and ice looms large.


Our “winter” is like no other

In South Florida, our winter season is filled with perfect days for golfing, tennis, boating, and beach-combing. Many second home and rental options put your clients within walking distance of favorite outdoor activities.

Additionally, our properties cater to the active outdoor lifestyle. If your clients desire their own pool, boat dockage, or private access to golfing, tennis, and beach clubs, it’s all possible here in greater Boca Raton.

Historically low mortgage interest rates.

At this moment, interest rates are still hovering just above 3%. That’s slightly higher than this summer, but still at historic lows. It’s a real plus for buyers. Lower interest rates make it more affordable to get that second home. However, we can’t say that the rates will last forever. Serious buyers should be speaking with a broker now to make a plan.

The bottom line:

Now, is the best time to purchase a second home or secure a seasonal rental in Florida.

If your clients have been on the fence about a seasonal relocation, 2020 is the year to make it happen.

The pandemic made us appreciate homes with more space, indoors and outside, to live in and enjoy.

Here in Boca Raton, we offer a welcoming and warm place for those who love the outdoors, sunshine and staying active.

We can help make your clients’ dream of a South Florida seasonal home reality.

Contact us today.

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